Hannah’s 52-mile swim for Weston Hospicecare

Hannah Martin who is completing the swim in memory of her partner's mum Lisa Osborne.

Hannah Martin who is completing the swim in memory of her partner's mum Lisa Osborne. - Credit: Archant

A woman from Worle is taking on a 33-week swimming challenge in memory of her partner’s mum.

Hannah Martin hopes to complete 52 miles in the pool at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre to raise money for Weston Hospicecare which cared for Lisa Osborne, the mother of her partner Josh.

Lisa battled with breast cancer for five years before she died aged 52 in the care of the hospice in March 2016.

Hannah, from Spring Hill, said: “I met Josh on New Year’s the year Lisa passed. The whole family welcomed me into their lives and Lisa’s, which made me feel very privileged as she was very poorly by this point.

“This meant so much to me because my mum is very important to me and I knew I would have found it sad to never have known Josh’s.

“Every day I wish I got to know her better, got to share more family memories with her and wish she could see the milestones Josh and I achieve together and that’s why I wanted to do this challenge; to bring me closer to her.”

Hannah’s challenge will see her swim an incredible 3,348 lengths of Hutton Moor’s 25-metre pool.

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Hannah, aged 23, began the challenge on March 11 – the second anniversary of Lisa’s death – and she is now just over a third of the way to her target, having completed 1,221 lengths.

She aims to finish by October 22, which would have been Lisa’s 52nd birthday. She has raised £200 of her £250 target and plans to add a donation of up to £100 of her own, too.

She said: “The whole point of a challenge is for it to test you, therefore I wanted to create one which wouldn’t be easy, wouldn’t take just one day’s commitment – therefore I have set myself the challenge to swim 52 miles.

“I thought doing this challenge would help me feel closer to Lisa and make my family proud while also raising money for Weston Hospicecare.

“I saw first-hand Weston Hospicecare gives great care to its patients and supports the family throughout the whole process of a loved one having cancer and feel that support is so important to every family.”

To donate, visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/swimforlisa