Spinning offers 'fun and energetic workout'

the club at Cadbury House

Staff at theclub & spa at Cadbury House are preparing for a safe and very welcome return to business. - Credit: Leon Day

Having watched Great Britain’s Olympic cyclists power their way around the velodrome in Tokyo will have given inspiration for many people to consider taking up cycling.

During the summer months, when the weather is a little drier, the temperature higher and days longer makes for pleasant conditions to dust off the bike and go for a ride around the beautiful North Somerset countryside.

But when the weather is a little more inclement, the appeal to get the bike out is somewhat diminished for all but the very hardy.

However, there is hope for those who want to get the leg cadence up and it comes in the form of spinning!

A generic term that is used to describe indoor cycling, any leading health club worth its salt will have a spinning studio as part of its offering. Comprising a series of spinning bikes (usually about 20), spin classes offer a fun and energetic workout that burns calories and fat and tones the bum and thighs.

Lasting around 40 minutes, a spin class will be led by the instructor, who takes participants through a series of endurance, sprints and climbs that gets the heart pumping.

Burning around 500 calories, indoor cycling can also improve people’s overall physical fitness by building strength and cardiovascular endurance. Attending a class can also help boost people’s mood and provide them with a healthy, enjoyable activity.

Jason Eaton.

Jason Eaton. - Credit: Cadbury House

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Jason Eaton, general manager at the club and spa at Cadbury House which has one of the most advanced spin studios in the South-West said: “Spinning has become something of a phenomenon in recent years helped in part by the success not only of our Olympic champions but from the likes of Bradley Wiggins and Geraint Thomas in the Tour de France.

“The technology has also improved immeasurably, enabling those who take part to get the most out of their session.

“It primarily works up the lower body muscle groups such as the hamstrings, glutes, calves, quadriceps and back muscles but is also superb for cardiovascular endurance and burning calories.

“Here at the club we’ve got some of the best spin bikes available in the form of Schwinn, and makes for a great experience.

“Myself and some of the team have just taken part in a 12-hour spinathon to raise funds for a charity bike ride we’re undertaking later in September. It was hard, but good fun and want to thank everyone who gave so generously. The money raised will now go towards PROPS and Friends of Bristol Haematology & Oncology Centre.

“But if anyone just wants to come and take a look, they’re more than welcome to pop up where one of the team will show them around and hopefully encourage them to take up this fantastic form of exercise.”