Health club excited to welcome old and new members

Jason Eaton

Jason Eaton. - Credit: Cadbury House

News that health clubs across the country will be able to reopen from April 12 has been met with a mix of excitement and delight from those involved in the sector, none more so than the team at the club and spa at Cadbury House in Congresbury.

It means those looking to enjoy a workout other than in their lounge, garage or bedroom will soon be able to visit their favourite gym where they will be able to enjoy a workout or class in the company of others!

For some, this will be like a duck taking to water, however, those who have been keeping fit in isolation over the past 12 months or so might be a little apprehensive about a return to their favourite gym.

Cadbury House

Cadbury House is giving away five six-month memberships to people who have gone above and beyond during the pandemic. - Credit: Cadbury House

Jason Eaton, general manager at the popular health club at Cadbury House, in Congresbury, is now looking forward to reopening and welcoming back old and new members but also wants others to rest assured, anyone who might feel a little anxious has no reason to worry.

Jason said: “It’s great news that health clubs will soon be able to reopen and we can’t wait to see everyone again. Coming back may feel a little like the first time you went into a health club environment and some people are understandably a little self-conscious about exercising in the company of others, but I can reassure them there is nothing to worry about.

“The range of classes and studios we have means there is something for everyone and our team is there to assist and guide in a relaxed and friendly manner as I’m sure it is across other health clubs.”

Cadbury House fitness studio

The club features a spin studio plus a separate pilates, yoga and Zumba studio. - Credit: Cadbury House

According to Jason, those coming back should take it easy for the first few weeks and not overdo it, making it more of a gradual return.

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Firstly, he recommends a good and gradual warm-up before any exercise, especially after long periods of inactivity.

He also recommends suitable rest periods between exercise, so that the body can recover properly and get ready for the next session. If taking part in more strenuous exercise, again moderation at the beginning is recommended and a gradual build-up to previous levels rather than jumping straight back to where you were before.

Choosing something you enjoy is also important. There’s no point grinding your way through a class where the only thing you think about is when will it end!

Finally, good diet and plenty of sleep will also help. When you start to exercise more, naturally the body needs the nutrients to recover so is something else that needs consideration.

Jason added: “We understand that some might be a little nervous about returning to a gym environment, however, here at Cadbury House the club has been certified as safe to return, having been independently assessed and verified as ‘Safe to Trade’ by Shield Safety Group.

"Naturally, we’ll be closely monitoring and reviewing our procedures and practices to ensure everyone’s safety on a daily basis.

“We’ve also put in place a terrific offer so anyone that joins theClubandSpa before April 1 will receive their first month absolutely free once we reopen, so there really is no excuse not to join!”

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