Safety of customers 'top priority' as health club prepares to reopen

The club at Cadbury House

The club and spa at Cadbury House has implemented extra safety measures as it prepares to reopen. - Credit: Leon Day

As we approach the easing of lockdown and the reopening of gyms and health clubs, many people will be wondering about whether or not it would be safe to exercise in an enclosed space.

Jason Eaton, general manager at theclub & spa at Cadbury House, alongside his team of fitness instructors are now busy preparing the region’s leading health club for what they believe will be a safe and very welcome return to business.

One of the key messages Jason and his team want to get across is the fact that the measures being put in place will make theclub & spa a safe place to exercise in, not only because of the extra precautions being put in place, but because they have gone the extra step and been independently audited by a Government backed health and safety group.

It means they can display the ‘Safe to Trade’ mark by the Shield Safety Group giving members and non-members added reassurance all has been done to ensure their safety.

Jason Eaton

General manager Jason Eaton is looking forward to welcoming visitors. - Credit: Cadbury House

Jason said: “This audit was carried out as an extra precaution and is regulated by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and independently verifies that a business is taking safety performance seriously. It means we can demonstrate our commitment to trading safely, through robust compliance controls.

“As before we will operate with strict and additional measures to ensure we adhere to the advice and regulations as outlined by the Government and industry bodies, so this additional audit will give our members and guests added confidence that they can use the facilities assured that we’ve gone above and beyond what’s expected in terms of trading safely.

“Priority, of course, will be the safety of all our members and staff and we take great pride in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness an hygiene. It means all those who come for a workout, swim, class or bite to eat can do so knowing that they can do so in a safe environment.”

Cadbury House

The club has been independently audited by a Government backed health and safety group and has been awarded a 'Safe to Trade' mark. - Credit: Leon Day

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Mask on or mask off?

Another area Jason and his team is aware of is in relation to the wearing of masks when exercising.

He added: “We’ll request that when members and guests arrive or leave and are walking through the club open areas and in the changing rooms that they do wear a mask. When they are in the gym or studios is where it gets a little more complicated as some people don’t feel comfortable wearing a mask when breathing more heavily.

“Like before, it won’t be compulsory to wear a mask when exercising, but if people are comfortable to do so then we would encourage it as research has shown that wearing a mask does not impact on people’s ability to exercise.”

the club at Cadbury House

Staff at theclub & spa at Cadbury House are preparing for a safe and very welcome return to business. - Credit: Leon Day

This includes a recent study at the University of Derby has shown that face masks can be safely worn during exercise where the co-author of the report said: “There is minimal evidence that masking significantly inhibits oxygen uptake or exhalation of carbon dioxide.”

In a separate study published in the European Respiratory Journal, scientists from the Centro Cardiologico Monzino, IRCCS, in Milan, Italy assessed the breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels of 12 volunteers as they worked out on an exercise bike while wearing and not wearing a mask.

There were a few minor differences in some measurements when the participants wore or did not wear a mask, but no indication of any risk to health so suggest that it is safe for healthy people to wear masks during intense exercise.

Jason said: “The main thing is that people can get back to enjoying their exercise regimes in safety and comfort and we’ll be here every step of the way to encourage that will all members whether they are old or new.”

Currently Jason and his team have put in place an offer to encourage those wanting to get fit and healthy following lockdown. It includes the first month free and no joining fee and is available until theclub reopens on the April 12.

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