Fitness classes to enjoy during the winter

The gym at Cadbury House

A wide range of fitness classes and exercises are available at Cadbury House. - Credit: Leon Day

It is hard to get motivated to exercise outside in the winter when the weather is cold, the mornings and nights are dark and it never seems to stop raining.

However, just because it’s a bit chilly and damp out, it doesn’t mean you have to stop your regular workout completely.

With such a vast range of indoor activities to choose from, those who just can’t do without their regular exercise fix will have plenty to keep them satisfied.

Jason Eaton.

Jason Eaton. - Credit: Cadbury House

Jason Eaton, general manager at the club and spa at Cadbury House understands why some don't find a run or bike ride in the dark as appealing during the winter. It is why he and his team of fitness experts have a diverse programme of classes to keep people energised throughout the long winter months.

Spin – spin classes offer a fun and energetic workout that burns calories and fat and tones the bum and thighs. Lasting around 40 minutes, a spin class is led by the instructor, who takes participants through a series of endurance, sprints and climbs to get those hearts pumping.

Burning around 500 calories, indoor cycling can improve people’s overall physical fitness by building strength and cardiovascular endurance. Attending a class can also help boost people’s mood and provide them with a healthy, enjoyable activity. 

Yoga or pilates – yoga and pilates are great not only for the core, but they help increase flexibility and improve your balance. Yoga, in particular, is also great to help you relax. 

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Bodypump - is a fitness regime that helps participants get lean, toned and fit. Participants can burn anything up to 500 calories in one session, so is popular for those who are looking to lose a few kilos.

Swim – with a luxurious 20 metre indoor pool, just a few lengths of swimming are great for overall health. And because the water supports the body weight, it’s great for those who don’t like running or cycling as it also helps those with sore joints or muscles.

Jason said: “These are just some of the classes and facilities we have here at the club and spa and are perfect for those who want to keep up regular exercise during the winter. It’s important that we maintain some form of weekly exercise pattern. It’s helps fight off weight loss, makes us feel better and strengthens the body."