LETTER: 'My ordeal to get a GP appointment'

North Somerset patients are being offered out of hours GP appointments. Picture: Getty Images/iStock

Getting a GP appointment can be difficult - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

I recently needed an appointment with the doctor, so I telephoned at 8am and eventually, somebody answered.

I was told that I was number 18 in the queue! So, I waited and at 9am I spoke to a lady who told me that the only doctor’s appointment I could have was in 23 days’ time. 

I asked why Congresbury Surgery was not open and I was told that Congresbury has no longer got a surgery, it is now an admin centre. 

So, a purpose-built doctor’s surgery with examination rooms, a good size waiting room and a reception area is now being used for two or three people to write letters! 

People like me, who face having to wait over three weeks, are going to put more pressure on the A&E and ambulance service because whereas now a 10-minute doctor’s appointment would have got things sorted out; by waiting longer thing are going to get worse! 

How can a village the size of Congresbury be stripped of a doctor’s surgery like this? 

In fact, there’s a small office to rent only 50 yards away, why couldn’t this be used as an admin centre and the surgery opened?  

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