Weston woman lost FIVE STONE - and is now premier league netball player!

Sadie Sjogren

Sadie Sjogren has lost an amazing five stone - Credit: Sadie Sjogren

A graduate from Weston who binged on takeaways before changing her lifestyle and losing FIVE STONE is hoping to help others in the same position.

Sadie Sjogren, a leisure care assistant, lost the weight in just 11 months after she became 'trapped' in her own body.

“Before losing the weight, I was so unhappy – I had zero confidence and felt trapped in my own body," she said. 

"The final straw was not liking how I looked in photos; I used this as motivation to start my weight loss journey." 

As a result, the 26-year-old began making lifestyle changes, which included being conscious about what she ate and exercising more. 

“Before, I never had a set time to eat and would mainly have takeaways, which I now only have once or twice a month as a treat with friends or family. 

"However, finding healthy alternatives like The Skinny Food Co, has given me the freedom to incorporate my favourite ‘treat’ foods into my diet, guilt-free.” 

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The Skinny Food Co provides products that are low in sugar and calories, enabling people to make sustainable diet changes without compromising on taste. 

In addition to these dietary adjustments, Sadie added regular exercise to her routine, including playing netball for both Weston Academy and Bristol premier league team, Cosmos.  

“Before I started my journey, I didn’t have the confidence to go to the gym, but now I have a clear exercise routine and get a good workout in before starting work, which helps get me mentally ready for the day," she said. 

"I also play netball and wanted to push myself to become a better player and play for a higher team - which I have now achieved!”

She added: “Initially, I kept to my workout plan, but a few months in I started to drift off. 

"As a result, I searched for an online coach - mainly to keep myself accountable and to push me further. 

"I still train with my coach now – she has been the most amazing help and guidance. I could not recommend an online coach more, specifically Claire Louise Herd - @join_theherd on Instagram!

“Now, I train in the gym at least four times a week, for around an hour each time."

And she says the transformation has not only been physical, but mental too.

“I’ve definitely bettered myself as a person and I’m a lot happier since losing the weight and working on myself," she said. 

"I’m still learning to put myself first but finding alternative products that have allowed me to keep treats in my diet made it easier and gave me that extra push.

“My advice to anyone thinking of changing their lifestyle to a healthier and more balanced one, which in turn will help you lose weight, would be to start now.

“Don’t set a date or feel like you have to wait until the new year. Just get going. Small changes will make a huge difference. From there you can add changes slowly, like going to the gym in a manageable way so that it doesn’t shock your body. 

"You’ll also find likeminded people along the way which will keep you motivated.”

To find out more about Skinny Food Co, visit www.theskinnyfoodco.com.

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