Singer offers mental health advice to Weston pupils

Eleni C

Eleni C has been giving pupils advice about mental health. - Credit: Eleni C

Rising pop star Eleni C has been sharing advice on mental health with Weston pupils. 

The singer songwriter, and opening act for popular girl band Little Mix, is also a mental health ambassador who has been holding virtual sessions with pupils. 

Eleni C decided she wanted to help young people improve their mental wellbeing after witnessing a number of friends and family members struggling with issues such as anxiety, depression and addiction. 

Eleni C

Eleni C is a mental health ambassador and has been giving talks in schools to help students. - Credit: Eleni C

She said: “I always promised myself that if I ever had a platform, I was going to use it to make a difference to try and help eliminate the stigma attached to mental health.

"I paired up with Young Minds and The Mix charities and I am educating myself more and more on the topic in order to make a positive impact with my mental health talks during my school tours.” 

Some of the main issues Eleni C has been helping students with are pressures to achieve, and social media. 

She said: "Social media has given rise to cyber bullying and it has made young people place, in some cases, unrealistic expectations of themselves from the way they look, to what they should achieve and how to live their lives.  

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“I have found that young people put so much pressure on themselves to achieve certain targets.

"This issue normally stems from pressure put on by either the people they surround themselves with, themselves or family.” 

The pop star suffers from anxiety herself, but uses breathing exercises and meditation to help her cope with symptoms, and enjoys singing and dancing to unwind. 

Eleni C

Eleni C says singing and dancing helps her to cope with stress and unwind. - Credit: Eleni C

She talks to pupils about the importance of supporting and listening to each other, finding ways to cope with pressures, and asking for help. 

She said: “Things that personally help me are talking to others, keeping a journal, having a hobby that you can turn to as a way to distress and always removing yourself from a situation if it makes you unhappy.  

"You should always seek help from others when you feel unsure, unhappy or if something is generally bothering you.

"I personally find that seeking advice or help from others can sometimes give you the clarity or guidance you are looking for.” 

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