How to ease back into exercise as health clubs and gyms prepare to reopen

Theclub at Cadbury House

People encouraged to ease back into regular exercise. - Credit: Leon Day Images

As we ease out of lockdown and consider getting back into some form of regular exercise, many will be wondering what to do to regain their fitness and lose those Covid kilos.

For those who might be new to either exercising at home or joining a health club like Cadbury House, the plethora of options might seem a little daunting in terms of what to do.

However, Jason Eaton, general manager at the popular club wants to reassure those wanting to either take up regular exercise, or people who are returning from a Covid break, not worry and to take things easy and at their own pace.

Jason Eaton

Jason Eaton, general manager at Cadbury House. - Credit: Cadbury House

He said: “It might seem a little overwhelming at times when looking at all the various options available to those looking to exercise.

“There’s plenty people can do from home such as walking, jogging and cycling. All are great ways to exercise and get fit. There are also plenty of online links people can use, such as the Cadbury House YouTube channel which helps guide people through a specific class and are great for extra motivation.

“For those who use health club’s like Cadbury House, can have tailor made programmes designed for them. These are great if you have a specific goal or objective and you have the added bonus of having the latest equipment and health club staff to offer you advice and motivation.

“Our pool it great for all round, low impact fitness and our studios offer classes such as yoga, pilates and Zumba. The spin studio is great for a more intense, aerobic work out while the gym is great for gaining muscle mass.

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“Whatever your goal, make sure you ease back into it, especially if you haven’t been doing too much of late. The other thing is to make sure you enjoy it, as there’s nothing worse than beginning a workout only to think you can’t wait for it to end."

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