Weston boy, 4, has glass removed from head after skate park fall

Weston boy rushed to A and E with glass in his head

A four-year-old boy was rushed to Weston General Hospital after a piece of glass was lodged in the back of his head due to a fall at a skatepark. - Credit: Isabella Radford

A Weston parent is calling for littering patrols at a skate park after her four-year-old son had a piece of glass stuck in his head following a fall at the amenity.

Isabella Radford took her son, Teddy, to Weston General Hospital to have the glass removed from the back of his head, after he fell down at the skate park in Highlands Lane.

PICTURES: Glass removed from boys head after fall

This piece of glass was removed from the boy's head after his fall. - Credit: Isabella Radford

Ms Radford said parents had warned North Somerset Council about the state of the park prior to the incident and is calling for wardens to patrol the area to prevent littering.

She said: "The skatepark has always been a mess but in the last two or three weeks things have become worse.

"There is glass, trollies, used condoms and I have caught a man leaving the bushes after going to the toilet during my school run."

North Somerset Council maintains the skate park, but Ms Radford said the area was still littered with glass days after the incident.

North Somerset hit by high levels of anti-social behaviour

Parents had previously complained to North Somerset Council regarding the state of the area before the boy was rushed to A and E. - Credit: Isabella Radford

She added: "I have since visited and the park is still a mess.

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"The hospital staff were great when he arrived. Teddy will have a scar on the back of his head but we were lucky it was not more serious - nothing would have been able to cover a facial scar or even eye damage.

"They (the council) could deploy wardens to patrol the area as no one pays attention to the rules of the skatepark."

North Somerset Council confirmed the park is regularly maintained, but said there has been a spike in antisocial behaviour at the site.

North Somerset Council disputes litter claims

The area around the skatepark was littered days after the incident. - Credit: Isabella Radford

A spokesman said: "Despite daily cleaning, we are having ongoing issues with antisocial behaviour at the skate park.

"Officers from the Campus, the police and our community safety team are all working together to try and resolve the issues and ensure the area is a safe place for young people to enjoy.

"As well as cleaning the park daily we have also introduced regular spot checks and bought equipment to help with the cleaning process."

To report antisocial behaviour to the council, log on to www.n-somerset.gov.uk/anti-social-behaviour

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