High Street to close for safety scheme

AFTER years of waiting High Street residents and traders will finally get the road safety measures they have been campaigning for.

High Street residents and traders in Worle are to finally get the road safety measures they have spent years campaigning for.

Moving one of the bus shelters, putting in new drop kerbs and moving one of the zebra crossings are among the measures to be implemented at a cost of £86,000.

The High Street will be shut on three separate Sundays during November to allow the work to go ahead.

During the same period there will be temporary traffic lights in place on weekdays so highway and footpath resurfacing work can take place.

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North Somerset Council’s planning chief, Elfan Ap Rees, says the cash for the work, which is expected to be completed by the end of the year, came from the cuts from the West of England Road Safety Partnership’s budget.

The Weston & Somerset Mercury revealed last week how Town Hall bosses had slashed £100,000 from the sum they pay the organisation for speed cameras.

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Councillor Ap Rees said: “These latest plans are a result of lots of consultation between traders and councillors.

“I am allocating the scheme some of the money which was cut from the speed camera budget as I felt we could use it better in other areas like this.

“By improving crossings, pavements and so on in Worle High Street, we will reduce the risk to pedestrians.

“We have looked for the most cost effective scheme we can. One of the reasons it has taken so much time to sort this out is because I wanted to make sure we weren’t having all the frills and bells, but we ended up with a scheme that did what we wanted at the best cost.”

The work that will be carried out in Worle High Street will include:

• Widening the footpath next to the current zebra crossing which lies between Lawrence Road and The Maltings.

• Putting in a new zebra crossing 1.5m to the east of the current one between Lawrence Road and The Maltings.

• Putting in a new paved crossing at the bottom of Lawrence Road.

• Moving the bus shelter by the mini roundabout next to The Woodspring pub nine metres towards The Maltings.

• Raising the mini-roundabout by The Woodspring pub so it is domed.

• Putting in new drop kerbs around the bottom of The Scaurs and Station Road.

Last year the local authority dropped plans to close Worle High Street in a bid to cut accidents. Traders have been working hard with officers and councillors ever since to find an alternative.

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