Highbridge car park blow

HIGHBRIDGE has been dealt another blow after Sedgemoor District Council put the town s only car park up for sale.

HIGHBRIDGE has been dealt another blow after Sedgemoor District Council put the town's only car park up for sale.

The sale of the 33,000 sq foot car park in Bank Street has outraged councillors and businesses which fear it could ruin the area.

But the district council say that it is fully occupied only 26 per cent of the time.

Cllr Jo Leach said: "If the car park closes it will leave us with 30 spaces. It would have a huge impact on the area especially in the busy months when it is vital that we have the Bank Street car park and it is over three quarters full during these times.

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"We have started a campaign, to make the district council fully aware of the full impact it will have. The slogan is regeneration, not degeneration."

Salvatore, owner of Salvo's restaurant in Market Street said: "It's a real blow to the area as the car park is essential for trade in Highbridge. I have spoken councillors and am fully behind their campaign to save the car park. This will affect my restaurant greatly."

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Bank Street is one of four car parks that have been put up for sale by the district council as they aim to make up the £1.8million shortfall announced recently.

Burnham and Highbridge residents and businesses have been hit by plans announced recently to the area. First, Burnham Pool was put up for sale with a deadline of May 31st, then Network Rail announced plans to close the bridge for 12 weeks from March 15 and now Bank Street car park is to be sold.

Burnham Pool and Bank Street car park are part of the district council's cutbacks after it reported a shortfall of £1.8million.

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