Homes decision is 'a nail in the coffin'

PUBLISHED: 10:00 05 July 2012

New homes

New homes


HIGHBRIDGE residents say the recent approval of plans for more than 80 new homes is 'another nail in our coffin' and fear the town is 'turning into a ghetto.'

The initial plans for the development in Clyce Road included 85 two, three and four-bedroom properties and 10 one-bedroom flats.

The controversial proposal was sent to Sedgemoor District Council’s development control committee and in the panel’s final decision on whether building should go ahead, it downgraded the scheme by removing the 10 flats from the plan.

But the decision has been met with disappointment by councillors and residents in the town who have always argued that the other 85 properties, which are listed as maisonettes by the developer, are simply more flats.

Tina Gray, member of Highbridge Residents’ Association, said: “It just feels like all common sense has gone by the wayside.

“We are breaking at the seams with people and flats. Highbridge is turning into a ghetto, that’s exactly what’s happening. It’s another nail in our coffin.

“It makes no difference that the number has been reduced from 95 to 85, the rest are still flats, and that’s the end of it.”

The committee also ruled that access to the site is adequate and a £2million flood defence scheme, which was part of the plan, will benefit the town.

Members also agreed to conduct a review of affordable housing contributions following each phase of the development.

Ms Gray said: “We have no infrastructure in the town, we have nothing at all. We need to stop the council from allowing these ridiculous decisions to go ahead and we need to unite now.

“No matter what politics you support, everyone needs to stand up and say enough is enough and start asking the question of why the authority is allowing this to happen in Highbridge.”

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