Unpopular housing plan approved despite fears over ‘loss of green space’

The entrance to Locking Parklands. Picture: Google

The entrance to Locking Parklands. Picture: Google - Credit: Google

An unpopular planning application to build 15 homes in Locking Parklands has been approved.

Demands for Locking Parklands to be ‘left alone to flourish’ have been ignored by the council, despite villagers’ fears over a loss of ‘green space’.

GVA applied to build the homes in Farnborough Road in December 2017.

Since then, numerous complaints have been raised by villagers, who say the development will result in a loss of green space and the destruction of local wildlife.

One said: “Locking Parklands was sold to us on the basis that the surrounding area would be kept green and open and trees left in place. Building further is only going to cause more problems.”

North Somerset planning officer Neil Underhay said: “The removal of trees is regrettable but unavoidable.

“Adjustments to the initial plan ensure those trees fronting Farnborough Road are not adversely affected by the proposal.”