Hot Topic: Pay-to-park expansion

PUBLISHED: 13:00 16 June 2013


NORTH Somerset Council could be set to expand its on-street parking scheme, despite an occupancy rate of just 29.5 per cent on the busiest day in Weston for almost two years.

Figures revealed in a Freedom of Information Act request submitted by the Mercury showed the authority sold just 773 tickets from its 360 bays on a day which saw 25,000 people visit The Grand Pier on May 6.

Cllr Elfan Ap Rees confirmed the authority is considering expanding the scheme to more residential streets.

Mercury readers have this week been sharing their own opinions by writing to the newsdesk, and posting comments on the Mercury’s website and Facebook pages. Here are a selection of the comments:

*“I’d welcome a meter on the road by my house, it might stop people parking in daft places and blocking my drive.” – Howard Fisher.

*“What a great idea. Tell you what, put one outside my house please.

“I would refuse to pay any fine, and until more do the same en masse, we get what we deserve from this vile, wicked and despicable council.” – Rob Heal.

*“Who in their right minds would welcome such a stupid scheme as to have parking meters outside their own homes?

“It seems the only thing that this will do is kill off Weston, where there will be soon no free parking anywhere.” – Clare J O’Farrell-Williams.

*“I think the scheme to increase availability of parking spaces around the shopping area has worked, but continuing onto residential streets smacks of attempted profiteering which I am led to believe is not what a parking scheme under current legalisation is allowed to do.

“I don’t really come into Weston to do any shopping as, to be really honest, what has it got any more?” – Pel Crosby.

*“We don’t even go into town - think it’s been over a year and definitely wouldn’t now, don’t see the point when we can shop elsewhere with free parking?” – Katie Louise Nash.

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