Hot topic: What shops does Weston need?

PUBLISHED: 11:00 07 January 2015


THE Dolphin Square development often sparks conversation on Streetlife and this week the discussion has been focused on what shops the people of Weston would like to see come to the development.

John C started the thread and said: “The big brands are needed for their advertising clout. The small ones make our town different, and hopefully unique.”

Sue B said: “I would love to have a Primark or an H&M.

“As a mother of three young children, and on a strict budget, their clothes would meet my needs. In addition, a toy store like Smyths or Toys R Us would be good too, trying to get to Cribbs Causeway can be a nightmare sometimes and we have no toy stores in town anymore.”

Julie S agreed, and said: “Get rid of the cheap and trashy market type shops and put in some decent shops.

She added: “Primark for young mums and youngsters, as it’s within everyone’s budgets.”

But John P said: “First concentrate on getting it built. It’s a scandal it is sitting there unused.”

Last year there were fears plans for a cinema were going to be cancelled due to delays on the development, and a large restaurant chain pulling out, but the developers reassured there would be one in the site.

Sarah W said: “I’m just fed up of it looking like a bomb site, at least when it was there we had a bowling alley for the kids to go to, now we have nothing.

“I would like to see a toy shop and a department store of some kind.”

North Somerset Council has vowed to continue to put pressure on the site’s developers, but MeMarkyB highlighted how important it is to support independent traders. He said: “When it comes to shops we need to do everything we can to make trading easier, and cheaper, for the small independents - they are the only ones who are going to want to trade from our town.”

John C said: “It is interesting to see such diverse ideas and views. At various times we have builders move into our town, with big ideas, but then sit on it for years or their ideas get turned down for planning issues. It is never straight forward.”

Jill B said: “This town has such potential and it is heartbreaking to see it not being used because of a lack of foresight.”

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