‘Stop building houses’ if A&E’s night-time closure is permanent

Weston General Hospital and A & E Department.

Weston General Hospital and A & E Department. - Credit: Archant

Westonians have slammed ‘ridiculous’ plans to make the ‘temporary’ overnight closure of the town’s A&E permanent.

Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) last week announced its preferred option for the future of Weston General Hosptial’s emergency department, which would see a similar model to the temporary closure in place.

The CCG hopes to oversee a medically-led A&E between 8am-10pm seven days a week, but with a strengthened GP out-of-hours service and more direct admissions onto hospital wards overnight.

The proposal was set to be rubber stamped by the CCG’s board this week before a public consultation will be launched.

Among five options considered by the CCG was the reintroduction of a 24/7 service, which was last in place in July 2017, but this idea has been put on the back-burner.

Many people took to social media to share their view.

Lester Solway commented: “I think it never intended to keep it open from the day it closed it in July 2017, and it has made excuses after excuses as to why it remains closed.

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“Is anyone really surprised though? It’s all about money and not people’s health.”

Abbie Tovey said: “This is ridiculous for a town with a growing population.”

Linda Stevens wrote: “It’s disgraceful. All these new houses being built with lots more people and we can’t have a 24-hour casualty.

“Think it’s time to stop re-electing MPs and councillors and get someone who will do so.”

Melissa Holland said: “I think it is sad they’re putting so many peoples life at risk.

“I feel sorry for the ambulance crews, they’re like a taxi service at the minute.

“They’ve got to go to Taunton or Bristol and then back to Weston.

“We need our A&E back open overnight.”

Christine Tovey commented: “This makes me so angry.

“Why build more and more houses for families to move here and then completely disregard their need and rights for emergency healthcare? It’s a disgrace.”

Jess Walker wrote: “They need to stop building houses as well then; we don’t have the infrastructure to cope with the size of the town anymore.”

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