Lockdown rules for exercise and shopping during pandemic

Police and local authorities have been given new powers to take action against people and businesses who are not following lockdown rules.

New powers given to police mean people can only leave their homes to exercise once a day, to shop for essentials – as infrequently as possible – for medical reasons, to provide care or to travel to work if it is ‘absolutely necessary’.

Officers can disperse groups of more than two people and anyone who ignores the rules could be hit with a £60 fine.

The strict new measures were brought in by the Government on Thursday to curb the spread of coronavirus.

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People are also being urged to stay away from popular tourist attractions, after hundreds of people flocked to beaches and beauty spots last weekend.

The Government has stressed people should ‘stay local’ and not travel unnecessarily for exercise.

Exercise is allowed once a day, on your own, or with people you live with.

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All non-essential businesses have been ordered to close and North Somerset Council’s licensing team is working with the police to ensure local businesses are complying with the Government’s closure order.

Reports of any breaches will be investigated.

Businesses which are allowed to stay open include food shops, pharmacies, petrol stations, garages, car rentals, pet stores, bicycle shops, home and hardware stores, corner shops and newsagents, post offices, banks, laundrettes and dry cleaners.

People can still use takeaway shops and delivery companies. However, customers must not eat or drink while waiting

Customers must follow social distancing rules when visiting the premises, and a number of stores have special opening hours for NHS staff and the elderly to enable them to shop when it is quieter.

Tesco has a dedicated hour from 9-10am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the elderly and vulnerable, and on Sunday NHS staff can shop an hour ahead of usual opening times.

Sainsbury’s in Worle is allowing elderly and disabled customers, and their carers, in from 8-9am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and NHS staff and social workers have a dedicated slot from 7.30-8am from Monday to Saturday.

Asda is giving priority access to NHS workers from 8-9am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while Morrisons will give early access to NHS staff from 7-8am every day of the week, except Sundays.