Polls open for General Election 2019

Voters will go to polling stations today (Thursday).

Voters will go to polling stations today (Thursday). - Credit: Archant

Polling stations will be open throughout the day as voters choose who they want to be their MP for the next five years.

Candidates have hit the campaign trail hard over the past six weeks, canvassing people in the hope of earning a few crucial extra votes.

Meeting voters on the doorstep and taking part in hustings events have meant a busy time for all.

The next 24 hours will have a big impact on the political landscape and we will be on hand to make sure readers are kept abreast of what is going on.

Polling stations

Votes can be cast from 7am-10pm today (Thursday).

Once polls close, boxes of votes will be transported to one location for sorting and counting. Weston and North Somerset constituency counts will take place at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre.

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Do I need a polling card to vote?

No, although it does speed things along to take it with you so volunteers can cross you off their lists.

When will the result be announced?

Almost an impossible question to answer, but invariably most results are announced between 1-4am.

Inevitably, if the vote is very close, it will take longer as a recount may be ordered by the returning officer overseeing proceedings.

How can I keep a track of the election results?

We will have reporters at Hutton Moor keeping tabs on the North Somerset and Weston counts throughout the night bringing you all the breaking news online, plus reaction.

A live blog will begin shortly before polls close and provide detailed information of what is happening locally and across the country on a big night for British politics.