Hunt for tearaway teenagers

A FED up Clevedon man says he has spent nearly £20,000 over the last decade protecting and repairing his home against vandal attacks

A FED up Clevedon man says he has spent nearly £20,000 over the last decade protecting and repairing his home against vandal attacks.The man, who lives by the Salthouse Fields and does not want to be named for fear of reprisals, says over the last 12 years he has spent £18,000 on repairing and protecting his property from teenage tearaways.He says he has spent thousands of pounds on repairing smashed windows and doors and has even been forced to build a wall around his house to stop yobs from getting onto his property.He also pu up CCTV cameras in a bid to deter vandals.He said the situation reached crisis point the other week when a gang of drunk teenagers, carrying rucksacks full of alcohol, started throwing rocks and stones at his house, windows and an aluminium door frame, causing £700 worth of damage.The fed up householder said: "Initially the gang were calm, but as the evening wore on they got noisier and noisier."They then started throwing rocks across the road and five hit my property."The noise and disturbance continued until 2am."When I spoke to another neighbour they said the gang had been down Old Church Road kicking cars and had chucked oil over the paths."The man said he called the police to report the trouble, but failed to see any officers turn up.He added: "I rang and the police said they would send someone down, but I did not see any officers there all night."A spokesman for Morrisons said staff at the garage had reported trouble with youths.A spokesman for the supermarket giant confirmed youths had pulled down CCTV cameras and damaged a gas bottle storage area.The spokesman added: "There was an incident involving about 40 youths."The matter is now in the hands of the police and we are working with them to identify those responsible."Police spokesman Sector Inspector Steve Date confirmed police had received four calls to the Salthouse Fields area in the past three months.Insp Date said: "There has been a group which has been causing problems in this area and as a result we have increased patrols at the weekends."Our local beat officers and PCSOs are also paying attention to the area."Investigations are continuing and we are looking at CCTV footage in a bid to identify the offenders who will then be dealt with."We would also appeal to members of the public with information about incidents such as this to contact us.

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