Woman dies in three-car crash while on holiday

An inquest into his death was held at Avon Coroner's Court in Flax Bourton.

An inquest into his death was held at Avon Coroner's Court in Flax Bourton. - Credit: Archant

A 77-year-old woman died of multiple injuries when a car crashed into the vehicle she was travelling in while on holiday in Tenerife.

Pam Millward, from Winscombe, was heading to the beach with her husband Paul when a car in the opposite lane collided with her car and another vehicle travelling in the same direction as them.

An inquest into her death at Avon Coroner’s Court in Flax Bourton on Tuesday, was told Pam died of her injuries at the scene of the accident.

Paul had been driving and Pam was in the front passenger seat when the three-car collision happened on a highway in Arona on February 18.

The coroner’s court was told a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction crossed into the wrong lane and collided with two cars, including Pam and Paul’s vehicle.

One person was killed in the crash, three people sustained serious injuries and seven people were examined at the scene, but were unharmed.

A post mortem found Pam died of her multiple injuries at the scene.

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In a statement read out in court, Pam’s son Richard Millward said his mother was very active in the community and enjoyed travelling with her husband.

He said: “She was in good health at the time of the accident.

“She was very active – playing tennis twice a week and regularly working on her garden and visiting places with my father Paul.

“She had an active social life in the village and was an active churchgoer - organising events and helping those in need.”

Assistant coroner Myfanwy Buckeridge said: “The accident occurred when Pam was travelling in Tenerife.

“Her husband was driving and they were travelling downhill on their way to the beach.

“There was a single lane downhill and two lanes coming up the hill.

“A vehicle coming in the opposite direction crossed into the oncoming lane of traffic and collided with a vehicle which was travelling in the same direction as the vehicle Pam was in.

“Having collided with the vehicle that went off the road, it then crashed into the car in which Pam was a passenger.

“Sadly she died as a result of her injuries.”

Ms Buckeridge concluded Pam’s death was due to a road traffic collision.