Readers react to complaints over ‘disgraceful’ state of Ashcombe Park

Clive Darke (left) and Steve Gambling (right) in Ashcombe Park

Clive Darke (left) and Steve Gambling (right) in Ashcombe Park - Credit: Archant

Readers have given a mixed reaction to complaints over the ‘disgraceful’ state of a Weston park.

Steve Gambling and Clive Darke criticised North Somerset Council for its management of Ashcombe Park, with the pair feeling a lack of maintenance has left it looking neglected.

The friends, both aged 77, visit the park to walk their dogs but are unhappy about fallen trees and branches, an abandoned car and grass not being cut enough.

Mr Gambling said: "The state of the park is disgraceful. It's just gone from bad to worse over the past three to four years.

"When you walk around, it's clear to see not enough work has been done to maintain it. Instead of cutting the grass properly, the contractors cut corners and leave parts to just grow out.

"You can't leave things like branches lying around, what if someone decides one day to set fire to them? It's dangerous."

A council spokesman said the authority is allowing 'natural growth' in hope of promoting wildlife in the park.

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Many people took to social media to share their view.

Margaret Hunter wrote: "Such a shame that a beautiful area of Weston is allowed to deteriorate like this."

Gareth Saunders said: "Ashcombe is indeed a woodland park - but that doesn't mean it should not be managed by the authority. It sounds like they are sloping responsibility once again."

Mike Bell, councillor for Central ward, commented: "I go to the park several times a week. There's nothing 'disgraceful' about it.

"It's not an ornamental park, but it's very popular with dog walkers, runners, kids playing.

"The bin emptying leaves a lot to be desired and tree maintenance work could be better. The council needs to get the tennis courts sorted out. But to call it a jungle is ridiculous."

Angela Hoddinott said: "Why is it you can visit other parks and green areas in places like Devon, Dorset and Cornwall and the displays are beautiful and gardens well kept yet in Weston the council attempts to save money on maintenance? Holidaymakers will pass our junction and driving further down soon."

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