Is bang at the bogs a flash in the pan?

MYSTERY surrounds the cause behind a series of explosions at a toilet block at a Portishead beauty spot. Fire crews have been called to the loos at

MYSTERY surrounds the cause behind a series of explosions at a toilet block at a Portishead beauty spot.Fire crews have been called to the loos at the Lake Grounds numerous times, including twice in the last fortnight, after reports of flames coming from the men's cubicles.The fires have been discovered at just after 7am - when the area is deserted apart from occasional dog walkers. And the fact that nobody is in the area at the time the fires start is proving a real mystery to residents.Lake Grounds cafe worker Matthew Hall was alerted to a fire last week by a passing dog walker.Matthew, aged 41, from Portishead, said: "A man came and told me the loos were on fire and when I went over to look there were flames rising out of the toilet."This fire happened at around 7.30am, just after the cleaner had left, and the area was deserted."There was some thought that perhaps youths had caused the fire, but there was nobody about. The loo seat was completely burnt and the basin of the toilet black and charred and the flames were leaping into the air."The mystery of the exploding toilets has become quite a talking point among visitors to the Lake Grounds.Mr Hall added: "I couldn't see how the fire had been started. There was no paper or other evidence and some people now think it may be where the chemicals used by the cleaners are mixing and setting alight."It has certainly caused some concern from people using the facility that they may sit down and get more than they have bargained for. "It really is a mystery as to what is happening in there."North Somerset Council spokesman Steve Makin said they understood the fires may have been caused by young people letting off fireworks in the loos.Mr Makin said: "We understand the fires have been caused by people letting off fireworks early in the morning."We have been in and repaired the damaged and had to close one of the cubicles."Concerns about the exploding lavatories have been raised with local police who say, despite investigating the incidents, they have nothing to go on.Portishead Police Sergeant Terry Scoble said: "We have logged the incidents."It is bizarre that the fires are starting so early in the morning when no-one is in the area. If anyone has seen anything suspicious at the toilets we would urge them to report it to the police.

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