Readers debate Weston’s making Top 10 ‘most welcoming’ places

Weston's seafront.Picture: MARK ATHERTON

Weston's seafront.Picture: MARK ATHERTON - Credit: Archant

Mercury readers have debated Weston’s being named one of the most ‘welcoming’ places in the UK.

The town was named in the Top 10 most welcoming towns or cities in the Traveller Review Awards 2020.

The awards were announced by, one of the UK's biggest hotel reservation websites.

Awards are given on review scores left by holidaymakers after their experience or stay.

Locations were selected by reviewing the highest share of accommodation winners per location, with an 8.5 rating being the minimum.

Weston came seventh ahead of Portree on the Isle of Skye and Glastonbury.

Lucy Graham, from the Grand Pier, said: "Hopefully, being named in the Top 10 will put Weston on the map as far as friendly places to stay is concerned.

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"It is a welcome boost to us and the town as a whole to get this recognition, which ultimately comes from positive reviews provided by people who have been here."

Many took to social media to share their views.

Tracy Esmond said: "I am originally from the Midlands - I lived in Paignton for four years and moved to Weston two years ago.

"Weston is no worse than anywhere else. In fact, it is better than most places, and I don't regret moving here at all."

Donna Wolf Robichaud said: "I was there in 2016 from the US, visiting family, and loved it.

"I walked all over the town while my cousin worked. My favourite part was walking along the boardwalk."

Lisa Quick said: "I am Weston born and bred, and I love it. Ultimately, if you don't like it, leave - life's too short, and you know where the M5 is."

Tony Woods said: "All the moaners about Weston crack me up. I moved here from Birmingham 16 years ago, and it's 10 times nicer and safer than 99 per cent of towns in Birmingham.

"It's like people mock the Bournville, too, but, if the Bournville were in Birmingham or another big city, then it would be a posh area, trust me.

"Personally, I love Weston - yes, it has its issues, but tell me a place that doesn't?"

Andy Hind said: "Just yesterday, I heard a tourist call this the most miserable town in the country, and they definitely won't be coming back again."

Debbie Nally said: "I am new to Weston, only been two years, moved from Birmingham - believe me when I say Weston is a paradise compared to Birmingham.

"I have no regrets moving here. Every place has its rough bits, but there are much rougher places to live than Weston."