Test and Trace app ‘not fit for purpose’, says IT expert

IT expert Dan Jones.

IT expert Dan Jones. - Credit: Archant

A world Apple and Wi-Fi expert from Weston says a £12billion Test and Trace programme is failing because their app is not fit for purpose.

Dan Jones says the ‘world beating’ app is stunningly low on quality and depth, despite consultants reportedly being paid £7,500 per day.

As infection rates start to skyrocket, the international Apple and Wi-Fi expert said an urgent update of the app is required to save the Government from completely losing control of the virus.

Dan said: “The public seem to have lost confidence in this app and the system that has been developed.

“We are talking about billions of pounds of investment but as I can see the app is very basic and is not fit for purpose.

“For example, people should be able to book a test via the app but they can’t. It just links to the NHS website.

“This is not utilising the latest technology we have in 2020.

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“We can now use existing technology to find out who people have been sat next to within centimetres, and to automatically alert people to Covid-19.

“I cannot imagine why this has not been thought about, talked about and put into any of the current app system.”

Dan’s comments follow other criticism from independent SAGE experts last week, blaming testing delays, poor rates of adherence and low levels of engagement.

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Dan added: “There is so much wrong with the software. Wi-Fi could be set up to connect with API that would help to addresses this but it isn’t.

“I really feel it needs an urgent refurbishment if we are to get the infection rates down and get control of the virus.

“Other than ‘doing the right thing’ what is the incentive for users to download and use the NHS app?

“There isn’t any useable information to the end user.

“I should be able to sync my calendar etc to the app so that it can alert me if a place I’m planning to visit has restrictions.

“I should at least be able to see some numbers for a specific place so I can make an informed decision about travel.

“The Government seems to forget that for a lot of people an app is the primary source of information for people.”