Campaign launched for ‘world-class seafront leisure pool’ in Weston

Tropicana view of pool and slides with Weston in the background.

Tropicana view of pool and slides with Weston in the background. - Credit: Archant

Growing calls for a ‘world-class seafront leisure pool’ to be built in Weston-super-Mare have prompted the launch of a campaign, which hopes to ‘add significantly to Weston’s appeal’.

Hutton Moor Leisure Centre. Picture: Sub

Hutton Moor Leisure Centre. Picture: Sub - Credit: Archant

The J21Plus group has revived efforts for a pool to be created near the beach, launching a petition for a facility it believes would deliver a ‘valuable’ boost to the town’s economy.

More and more letters have poured through the Mercury’s door in recent months, with people demanding North Somerset Council to rethink its plan for a new pool in the town.

The authority hopes to oversee a redevelopment of Hutton Moor Leisure Centre that would include the addition of a second pool, but many people think it should be built at the seafront.

Tourists and Westonians alike have been unable to enjoy a dip in a seafront pool in the town since the Tropicana closed in 2000, and attempts to redevelop it have since failed.

J21Plus, formed in November, believes a seafront pool would ‘obviously benefit both residents and visitors alike’.

Spokesman Dave Stanford said: “Weston is the premier seaside resort in North Somerset and boasts top-class facilities, such as the wide sandy beach, the excellent Grand Pier, first-class hotels, pubs and restaurants and a good range of shops.

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“However, being on the Severn Estuary, it lacks that family-friendly swim and paddle experience. We believe if a new world-class seafront pool was built, then it would complete the picture and add significantly to Weston’s appeal.”

Hotelier Keith Fern, who runs the Midland Hotel in Knightstone Road, backs the effort and said it would be a ‘valuable attraction for Weston’s economy’.

However, the council has repeatedly insisted it will not consider investing in a seafront pool and it is committed to the Hutton Moor project.

Cllr David Pasley, executive member for finance, at a meeting in September said: “To commit that sort of public investment into a leisure pool at the seafront at this time would be entirely inappropriate.”

The Mercury approached the council for a comment but did not receive a reply at the time of going to press.

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