John Penrose reveals who he wants to see replace Theresa May as Prime Minister

John Penrose MP.

John Penrose MP. - Credit: Archant

Weston MP John Penrose has revealed who he wants to succeed Theresa May as Conservative leader and Prime Minister.

Then Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt joined John Penrose at the opening of Houstons new practice in 201

Then Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt joined John Penrose at the opening of Houstons new practice in 2013. - Credit: Archant

In a column in The Sunday Telegraph, he stated his support for Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, a fellow Tory who backed the remain campaign in the EU referendum, before becoming an advocate of Brexit.

Mr Penrose believes the new Prime Minister needs to be 'a healer'.

He said: "To unite the country, they will have to transcend their referendum history, not let it define them...

"The best candidates will show they understand Britain's economy simply hasn't been working for most of us since the 2008 banking crisis, and needs urgent reform.

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"Theresa May got this, and lit up British democracy when she first stood on the steps of Downing Street and promised to fight 'burning injustices'.

"But Brexit has overshadowed everything else, so there's still lots more to do."

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Other candidates who have thrown their hat into the ring include Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Dominic Raab.

Mr Penrose continued: "Fortunately we aren't short of talent, so there are plenty of credible candidates who could deliver many of the things on this list.

"But, for me, one of them stands out.

"The Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt is as international as they come, with a multi-racial family and a fluent communicator in several languages.

"As a former remainer who fervently believes we've got a democratic duty to deliver Brexit, he's perfectly placed to heal those post-referendum wounds...

"If he wins, we'd have two Jeremys at the top of British politics. But there the similarities end. I know which one I want in charge of our country."

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