Weston MP John Penrose calls for Boris Johnson to RESIGN

Weston MP John Penrose will be supporting staying in the EU.

John Penrose has called on Boris Johnson to resign - Credit: Archant

Weston MP John Penrose has resigned as the Government's anti-corruption tsar - and called for the Prime Minister to resign.

Mr Penrose says it is 'pretty clear' Boris Johnson has broken the Ministerial Code and should step down from his role, as Tory MPs prepare for a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister this evening.

If 180 people vote to support Boris Johnson, he will remain as leader, with rules stating he could not face another vote for 12 months.

However, if 180 do not support him, he will be ousted.

Mr Penrose said: "I’m sorry to have to resign as the PM’s Anti-Corruption Tsar but, after his reply last week about the Ministerial Code, it’s pretty clear he has broken it.

"That’s a resigning matter for me, and it should be for the PM too."

He also wrote to the Prime Minister confirming his resignation and his call for him to stand down.

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The letter read: "My reason for stepping down is your public letter last week, replying to you Independent Adviser on the Ministerial Code about the recent Sue Gray Report into 'partygate'.

"In it, you addressed the concerns over the Fixed Penalty Notice you paid, but not the broader and very serious criticisms of what the report called 'failures of leadership and judgement' and its conclusion that 'senior leadership at the centre, both political and official, must bear responsibility for this culture'."

Mr Penrose added: "As a result, I'm afraid it wouldn't be honourable or right for me to remain as your Anti-Corruption Champion after reaching this conclusion, nor for you to remain as Prime Minister either.

"I hope you will now stand aside so we can look to the future and choose your successor."