Weston College opens employment centre

Seetec Opening, Weston College, WSM 25th March 2022
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John Penrose MP, Drew Smith, Jenny Harrison and Jo Watson. - Credit: Neil Phillips

Weston College has officially opened its Employment Centre which will help support and train residents for the local workplace.

Weston's MP, John Penrose attended the opening event for the centre, based opposite the college’s Knightstone Campus.

Mr Penrose stated he believed it to be vital to Weston that there is support for people to find employment within the community.

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John Penrose at a Jobs Fair earlier this year. - Credit: John Penrose

He said: "It is essential for people’s self-respect, for our overall economy, but also for the success and long-term sustainability of a community like Weston that we take people who through no fault of their own just got a bit far away from the employment market and need a couple of very practical things done with them in order to get that back.

"The people of Weston are showing the way to the rest of the country about how it could be done and how it should be done.”

Employment support service, Seetec Pluss has opened the centre alongside Weston College Group.

Seetec has also launched its Restart Scheme which helps people return to employment.

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Mr Penrose added: “The whole reason why Seetec Pluss is here and why this partnership is so important is not just because we are coming out of a pandemic, it is because we would still always want organisations like this in partnership with local colleges doing what is happening here."

The scheme's operations director confirmed that 400 Weston residents are being supported by the initiative.

Drew Smith said: “Our Restart Scheme team in Weston is currently supporting 400 individuals on their journey back into employment which is really fantastic.

"Even better than that, we’re working with the College to develop bespoke courses specifically for our participants.

“The South West is predominantly one of the lowest-paid areas in the country and we feel that the skills side of things is a real opportunity for us to change some of that.”

Weston College Knightstone Campus. Picture: MARK ATHERTON

Weston College has paired with Seetec Pluss to launch the centre. - Credit: Archant

The centre will run a series of one to two week courses, free of charge, designed to help unemployed people retrain or upskill to start a career within a new industry. 

For more information on what courses are available or other enquiries visit: www.weston.ac.uk/seetec or call 0800 334 5525