Brexit: MP candidates on how to solve EU conundrum

Brexit flags. Picture: Getty Images

Brexit flags. Picture: Getty Images - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

To Brexit, or not to Brexit, that is the question that Westminster has been unable to solve since 2016.

That is the 'offer' facing voters in next month's General Election and the four men who are vying to be Weston's next MP have outlined where they stand on the big issue.

Remain, leave with a deal, second referendums or leave without a deal - the candidates have tried their best to turn three-and-a-half years of confusion into a succinct 100-word plan for the future.

Suneil Basu - Green Party

The Green Party would give the people of Britain another chance to vote on Brexit.

Given the facts that have now come to light and the lies that have been told, we believe that the public deserves a chance to vote on the final deal with all the information about what this might actually mean, with the option to remain if they choose.

There are many aspects of the EU that need to be changed. There are many elements of its governance that are not democratic, but we can only change them while being members.

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We will have far more impact on combating climate change if we champion pan-European collaboration in a green revolution.

Tim Taylor - Labour

The Brexit mess is due to the Conservatives' failure to agree what Brexit means for the past three years.

People are right to be angry and unhappy about this.

Boris Johnson's proposed hard Brexit will send our economy into decline, cause job losses and lead to cuts in vital services like health, education, policing and defence.

Labour will negotiate a better deal for our economy and give you the final say within six months with a choice between our deal and remain.

A Labour government will then deliver on the people's verdict so we can reunite our country and move on.

Patrick Keating - Liberal Democrats:

People are fed up with Brexit chaos. A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit and get back to dealing with the issues that matter.

Whether it is Conservative blue or Labour red, Brexit would be catastrophic for our community.

Stopping Brexit means that we can focus on tackling the big issues facing the UK right now.

Our economy will grow more quickly, providing a Remain Bonus of £50billion over five years that we will invest in building a brighter future where we tackle the climate emergency and inequality, properly fund schools and the NHS, and create opportunity for all.

John Penrose - Conservatives:

It's more than three-and-a-half years since the referendum and it's time to get Brexit done.

At last there's a deal on the table which will deliver what the country voted for.

Whether people originally voted to leave or remain, and whatever your, or my, personal favourite type of Brexit might be, the deal Boris has negotiated is a pretty sensible compromise which both sides can live with.

I have supported it throughout and, if I'm elected, I will do so again.

We've got to unite so the country can move on.

There should be more to life than Brexit, after all!