Readers react to Weston town hall’s new Knife amnesty bin

The new knife surrender bin at Weston's town hall. Picture: Avon and Somerset Constabulary

The new knife surrender bin at Weston's town hall. Picture: Avon and Somerset Constabulary - Credit: Archant

Readers have had their say on a knife amnesty bin which has been placed in Weston Town Hall as part of a week of action to tackle knife crime in the district.

Knife crime has increased across Avon and Somerset by 52 per cent in the space of a year.

Officers are taking part in a week of action aimed at reducing the number of knives on the streets and educating young people about the dangers of carrying a bladed weapon.

From April 2017-18, there were 1,835 incidents of people carrying or using a knife, compared with 1,201 incidents in the previous 12-month cycle – an increase of 634 crimes.

There were 538 knife-related crimes which resulted in an injury from January to December last year, which equates to seven per cent of total knife-related crime reported.

Police and Crime Commissioner, Sue Mountstevens, said: “Knives do not keep you safe, young people need to be aware by carrying a knife, you are putting yourself in greater danger and are more likely to become involved in a violent situation.

“We need to do everything we can through education, enforcement and sentencing to make it clear it is never acceptable to carry a knife or a weapon.”

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Many people took to social media to share their views.

Carol Penny commented: “I feel the town should do more to crack down on repeat offenders who continue to terrify the townspeople.

“Why are the families of younger repeat offenders not held to account?”

Sam Brown added: “Perhaps when the police stop youths carrying a knife they should charge them instead of just sending them on their way.

“No wonder it’s out of control these people don’t fear the police.”

Ashley Senington said: “I’m sure all the knife carrying criminals will go straight to the town hall to give away their knives – absolute genius.”

Lou Stephenn suggested: “Tougher sentences are needed for the fools who think it’s acceptable to carry knives on them.”

Jonathan Colwill added: “It’s not the availability of knives, it’s society, but that’s harder to change so the police run nonsense schemes like knife amnesties instead.”

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