Lakeside shame for pensioner

A PENSIONER denied masturbating in a park - using the News of the World newspaper for cover - because he was medically incapable

A PENSIONER denied masturbating in a park - using the News of the World newspaper for cover - because he was medically incapable, a court has heard.John Ince was handed a two year suspended jail sentence when he appeared at North Somerset Courthouse in St Georges on Monday. A witness said they saw the 65-year-old masturbating on a park bench in the Lake Grounds in Portishead on November 5. Tom Emerson, prosecuting, told the court: "The defendant was looking at children playing on a nearby fairground ride."The witness watched for a moment and then called the police. Other members of the public happened to walk over. The defendant then started rummaging in his trousers in an effort to do up them up. "When Mr Ince noticed someone watching he got into his car and sped off down Esplanade Road."Two police officers eventually found Mr Ince in woods off Esplanade Road. Mr Emerson said: "The officers found him looking sheepish and flustered."Ince, of Moor Road, Yatton, pleaded guilty to a charge of using threatening or abusive words or behaviour but he was not charged with indecent exposure. The court heard that the defendant had a copy of the News of the World placed over his crotch. The newspaper was found in a rubbish bin in the woods. Billy Olaniy, defending, said: "I would like to make it clear there were no sexual overtones in Mr Ince's behaviour and he was not aware there was a fairground ride with children nearby. He was definitely not looking at any children and could not see them from where he was sitting."John Ince was not masturbating and there is a medical reason why this is not possible. There are certain behaviours exhibited when taking medication and Mr Ince would not have been able to masturbate."He is clearly ashamed of his behaviour and the impact the incident has had on his family has been devastating. "He is a 65-year-old retired person and has given a lifetime of public service to the people in this community."Ince remained silent throughout of the hearing on Monday. He was smartly dressed in a blue shirt, navy jacket and glasses. As well as the suspended sentence he was ordered to pay £43 costs.

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