Landmark tower on seafront

A HUGE tower twice the height of the current tallest building in Weston could soon dominate the town centre

A HUGE tower twice the height of the current tallest building in Weston could soon dominate the town centre.The major landmark structure would be up to 14 storeys high and would become a 'centrepiece' for the town, visible for miles and filled with apartments.North Somerset Council wants to build it to help fund the proposed Dolphin Square redevelopment scheme.It has promised the structure will not be an eyesore but will enhance the area and become a dramatic focal point for Weston. It is likely to be twice the size of the current highest building in the town, nearby Carlton Mansions in Beach Road.Shops, restaurants and bars are also planned for the mass regeneration project - the biggest the town will have seen for decades. The scheme is likely to take several years to complete.North Somerset councillor John Crockford-Hawley is working at the heart of the project and is confident the huge building will be architecturally attractive and insists it will not reflect the 'tired' appearance of some of the 1960s and 70s buildings in Weston.He is also keen to see it house young families close to the beach and the seafront - an area he believes is far too concentrated with retirement homes and housing for the elderly.He said: "There are no firm details as yet but there would be a tall residential block on the Dolphin Square site, most likely on the Beach Road end."It would need to be a tall building with plenty of apartments to make the whole regeneration scheme viable."In my opinion the height would not be a problem - it would be the design and architecture I would be concerned with. An attractive, high tower could become a pivot for the rest of the town."On the whole the high storey buildings of the 20th Century in Weston have been particularly unattractive and this would be something completely different."We could be talking of something considerably taller than Carlton Mansions, which I believe is seven storeys high, and the new building could be up to 14."We also do need to find a way of providing a place for families to live so they can have easy access to the beach and the amenities of the town centre. Many families are being located out of town now, away from the traditional attractions of Weston."The seafront shouldn't be the sole domain of the retired and the elderly- and that is coming from someone who is retired."* Cllr Crockford-Hawley has also promised to meet with current traders of the Dolphin Square site over the next few weeks to discuss their concerns. He has also promised an open-forum meeting with residents living near the site.

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