Late postal votes - call for inquiry?

AN investigation into council election procedures is being called for amid claims that scores of people across North Somerset failed to

AN investigation into council election procedures is being called for amid claims that scores of people across North Somerset failed to receive postal votes in time to go to the polls.Residents across the area, who use the postal voting service, say they failed to receive their ballot papers in time to put their cross in the box for the district council elections.The issue was brought to light by councillors out canvassing their area before the rush to the polls tomorrow (Thurs).Councillor Bob Cook has called for the investigation after discovering people in his constituency who had failed to receive postal votes or had got them very late.Councillor Cook said: "I spoke to one man in Long Ashton who delayed his holiday because he was waiting for his postal vote. He delayed his trip for a further day, but it still didn't arrive which has meant he was unable to vote."As you can imagine, he is very unhappy about it."Other people have told me that their postal votes came very late, making it nearly impossible for people to use them."This is not an acceptable service and I have demanded an investigation into why this has happened."This error could make a real difference to the results, especially if it comes down to a close vote between candidates."Portishead councillor David Pasley said he too had seen people who had not received their postal votes.Cllr Pasley said: "I have come across people who ordered them because they were away for the election and have not received them. In an area with a high elderly population who find it difficult to get out, problems with people receiving their postal votes could have a real impact."Both North Somerset and town and parish council elections take place tomorrow, with voting starting at 7am.North Somerset Council admitted a printing error had meant replacement postal votes had to be sent out in Weston-super-Mare.But he said that as far as the authority was concerned, all requested postal votes in the north of North Somerset had been sent out.Mr Yates added: "We are not aware of anyone not receiving their postal votes."If people have not received them, then they need to contact us on 01934 634909 so we can issue replacement papers."The law states we can do this in certain circumstances."* Did you fail to receive your postal vote? Write to us at Mailbox, North Somerset Times, 32 Waterloo Street, Weston-super-Mare. You can also email us at

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