'Lawless' pupils disrupt school

ROWDY students at a Worle school are being accused of running riot, fighting and playing truant. Fed-up staff at Priory Community School say

ROWDY students at a Worle school are being accused of running riot, fighting and playing truant.Fed-up staff at Priory Community School say a large contingent of year seven pupils, all aged around 11, are behaving so badly they are now at the 'end of their tether.'One staff member, who did not want to be named, said: "There is a hard core of pupils who are totally lawless."Others are totally uncontrollable in the classroom and some have been caught stealing from other pupils."Items have also been stolen from the school."It is understood that some students have been put in isolation at the school in a bid to stop them disrupting lessons."Others have been banned from going on school trips to Chepstow and Bristol Zoo because of their poor behaviour.The member of staff added: "On one trip the students were throwing things around the bus and the driver nearly crashed."It is making it impossible to work at the school with those students who are well behaved and so many teachers are sick of the situation."A local education authority spokesman said: "Priory Community School had a very good Ofsted report last time."Three projectors have been stolen since last September but this was out of school hours."If anyone has any information about the thefts they should call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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