Cameras to enforce bus lanes rules in Weston from next week

Cameras will police routes in Weston and Worle

Cameras will police routes in Weston and Worle - Credit: Google/Archant

Drivers who abuse bus lanes in Weston will soon face a fine - with cameras installed to enforce the rules.

Two sections of road designated as bus lanes at the existing Queensway Bus Terminus - at the Commercial Way/Queensway Commercial Centre in Worle and the new Bus Interchange at Alexandra Parade/Regent Street in Weston - will be enforced using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras from next Monday (May 23).

North Somerset Council (NSC) says the sites require the control of unauthorised vehicles in order to operate safely and free from congestion. 

It also says the areas see a lot of pedestrian use and unlawful use of the bus lanes has caused delays in journey times and service provisions at key times. 

Drivers caught using the bus lanes when not allowed will receive a £60 fine - reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days.

Money paid in fines will fund the system - with any excess being ploughed into road and transport improvements.

NSC also said the system could be rolled out to 'other locations' if successful.

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According to the council, enforcing the bus lane rules will result in:

  • More free-flowing public transport due to fewer illegally parked or queuing vehicles
  • Reduced journey times for public transport encouraging more people to use services
  • Safer roads with less accidents
  • Improved highway management
  • Consistency of approach with neighbouring authorities

Cllr Steve Hogg, executive member with responsibility for transport and highways, said: "Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera systems offer an unattended and efficient way of monitoring any abuse on our road network.

"Following initial installation, ANPR systems have low running/maintenance costs with a back-office system that becomes active and generates a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) only when a breach is identified. 

"We would urge drivers to respect our bus lanes and not abuse them. Otherwise you will be facing a fine."

From Monday, June 6, revenue collected from the breaches of the traffic order will cover the costs associated with running the system and any surplus will be made available for road and transport improvements.

The scheme will operate under a short warning notice period for first-time offenders only, while the new regulations come into effect.

The works will cost around £177,000 and is being carried out by Yunex (Part of Siemens), Centregreat and Milestone Infrastructure Services.