LETTER: 'We were left feeling like criminals over dog off the lead'

The seafront in Clevedon

The seafront in Clevedon - Credit: Google

This is a warning for all dog owners walking their dog on the seafront in Clevedon.   

Be aware that you are liable to be fined, on the spot, if your dog is not on the lead between the pier and the steps to Poet’s Walk.

There will be no friendly warning raising awareness to the situation.

Instead, this is what happened.   

My daughter and I were by Marine Lake when we were accosted by a man dressed in a uniform similar to the police uniform. 

An on-the-spot fine was issued, costing £75.

The wording on the fine referred to us being guilty of ‘antisocial behaviour Crime and Policing Act 20’ and that we were ‘alleged offenders’.

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The uniformed man had sunglasses on and chewed gum for the duration of this dreadful experience. 

The manner in which he treated us was very upsetting and intimidating, leaving us feeling like criminals.  

I strongly feel that this could and indeed should have been dealt with by raising our awareness and advising us to keep the dog (a cockapoo) on a lead in this area in future.  

By the way, the notices advising of this need are high up on lampposts and at the top of several other advisory actions. 

Amberlands Close, Backwell