Campaigners protest against airport expansion

Bristol Airport protests

Weston XR campaigning against Bristol Airport's expansion plans. - Credit: Sally Low

Protesters were out in Weston this week campaigning against Bristol Airport’s expansion plan. 

During the inquiry this week, planning inspectors heard evidence from climate experts on the dangers of increasing carbon emissions. 

One campaigner dressed as a dinosaur to hand an objection letter into the town hall, which was followed by a display from Weston Extinction Rebellion’s landing crew.  

Bristol Airport protest

Weston Extinction Rebellion's landing crew protesting outside the town hall in Weston. - Credit: Sally Low

Weston XR then took to the streets to inform passers-by about the plans and raise awareness of the climate crisis. 

Bristol Airport protests dinosaur

Roary the dinosaur raising awareness about the climate crisis. - Credit: Sally Low

A spokesperson from Weston XR said: “The dinosaurs didn’t know what was coming for them, but the science keeps telling us what we’re facing. From talking to people today, the one thing I kept hearing is that people are really worried about the climate breakdown we’re seeing.”  

The inquiry, which is now in its sixth week, is being held after North Somerset Council rejected Bristol Airport’s planning application to increase passenger numbers from 10 million to 12 million a year. 

The airport appealed against this decision and a public inquiry has been arranged by the Government's Planning Inspectorate (PINs).

Bristol Airport protests

Protesters handed an objection letter into the town hall. - Credit: Sally Low

Weston and Bristol XR groups, working alongside Bristol Airport Action Network, will carry out further protests around Weston town centre on September 16. The inquiry is expected to finish in mid October.