Travellers set up camp on Weston seafront

Travellers on the Beach Lawns in Weston

Travellers set up camp on the Beach Lawns in Weston over the weekend. - Credit: Archant

A group of travellers has set up camp on the Beach Lawns in Weston.

The group pitched up on the seafront yesterday (Sunday) afternoon. The unauthorised encampment has been reported to Avon and Somerset Constabulary and North Somerset Council.

Cllr Mike Bell, the authority's deputy leader, said: "Today (Monday) we will be undertaking the necessary welfare checks and issuing a notice for them to quit the land.

"Following this, if the encampment doesn't move off by the deadline set, we will seek a magistrates' court date to issue eviction proceedings.

"Unfortunately, this is a process we are obliged to go through due to government rules but we will work as quickly as we are allowed."

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North Somerset Council had to apply to the magistrates' court for an eviction notice after a group of travellers set up an unauthorised encampment on the Beach Lawns two weeks ago.

The authority is looking into better ways to protect the Beach Lawns in the future.

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On his Facebook page, Cllr Bell said: "I am awaiting a report from council officers on measures to better protect the Beach Lawns and, if these are affordable and practical, I’ll push to get them implemented as soon as possible."

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