Weston's Marine Lake to remain closed due to safety concerns

Marine Lake

Marine Lake in Weston is to remain closed until the silt can be removed. - Credit: North Somerset Council

Marine Lake in Weston is to remain closed due to fears over public safety.

A team of volunteers became stuck in the silt when they carried out a walking assessment at the lake on Tuesday.

As a result, North Somerset Council has confirmed the lake will remain closed until the silt can be removed.

Cllr Mike Solomon, the authority's executive member for neighbourhood and community services, said: “I watched the inspection yesterday and the composition of the silt in the lake has undoubtedly changed. Last week's incident and the tests that we have conducted this week have demonstrated that the conditions have altered in the past four weeks since the lake re-opened. 

"Having seen the conditions just a few weeks ago compared with today I was shocked by the change. We simply can't risk people getting stuck in the silt. Public safety is paramount and therefore, for the time being, the lake must remain closed."

North Somerset Council closed the lake last week after a bather became stuck in the mud and had to be rescued by a seafront ranger.

Cllr Solomon added: "Clearly the closure of the lake at the warmest time of the year is a disappointment. We are now trying to bring forward the work to continue the silt removal at the lake as soon as we can so we can reopen as soon as it's safe to do so."

Weston's Coastguard Rescue Team is encouraging people to follow the warning signs and stay clear of the mud at low tide.

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Matt Greatorex said: "The mud around our stretch of coastline can be extremely dangerous, and with the closure of Marine Lake, we would urge people to take note of the warning signs, and avoid walking through the mud to try and reach the sea at low tide. 

"If you're planning a trip to the seaside, or plan on going for a swim, check the tide times before you set off to ensure you can enjoy the beach and water safely. Inflatable boats and toys are great fun in the swimming pool, but please avoid using them in the sea - currents and tides are very powerful on our beaches, and coupled with an offshore wind they can easily be blown out to sea."

For emergencies on the beach, or in the water, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

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