Local heroes bring woman back to life

TWO Weston men rushed to the aid of a woman who collapsed in Milton Road and brought her back to life

TWO Weston men rushed to the aid of a woman who collapsed in Milton Road and brought her back to life.The heroes spotted the young woman on the floor outside Smile stores and quickly started mouth to mouth resuscitation and chest compressions when they realised her heart had stopped.Their quick thinking while they waited for an ambulance saved the girl's life and she was taken to Weston General Hospital where she is now recovering.Roger Hartwell, aged 54, is a postman and had been collecting mail from the shop when he saw the girl on the floor.He said: "I went to see if she was OK. I thought she was having a fit but it became apparent she wasn't breathing very well. I put her in the recovery position and as soon as I did that she stopped breathing."I put her on her back and made sure her airway was clear but she didn't start breathing so I started mouth to mouth."Nikos Mastro, aged 39, who works as a technician at Weston Dental Laboratory off Milton Road, saw what was going on and rushed over to help.He said: "I went over and took her pulse, but she was stone cold and her heart had stopped. I started pumping her heart and after about three or four attempts her heart started."The father-of-four from Grove Road has never been trained in first aid but picked up his skills through watching TV.Mr Hartwell, of Mead Vale, was first aid trained when he worked as a musician for the Royal Marines but has never had to put it into practice.He said: "It was strange really because I was remarkably calm. I just knew what to do and just got on with it. "It was nice to be able to save someone's life. I was pleased that I was there at the time when I was needed. I was on a bit of a high afterwards."Mandy Ferdinando from Avery Estate Agents saw what happened and praised the two heroes. She said: "Our local postman started doing mouth to mouth. He was fantastic. It was really down to him that she came round.

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