Weston pupil helping families and frontline workers during the pandemic

Liam with NHS cakes

Liam with a note and cakes he baked for NHS workers. - Credit: Submitted

A Weston mum has spoken of her pride in her son's charity work since losing three family members, including his dad.

Ten-year-old Liam Shepherd, who turns 11 tomorrow, began his charity drive by running a marathon for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) shortly after the death of both his dad and nan.

Liam's mum, Kimberley believes helping people comes naturally to her son.

Liam running.

Liam raised £300 for the NSPCC charity during lockdown by running the distance of a marathon over a week. - Credit: Submitted

She said: "Liam has a very kind heart and always wants to help others.

"I am extremely proud to call him my son."

She also revealed that he spent his last birthday in Bristol Children's Hospital after suffering from a seizure - the first UK lockdown soon followed, leaving Liam in a precarious place.

He said: "I felt confused because I did not know what was going on and could not see anyone."

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The year six pupil from Ashcombe Primary School decided to make the most of his newly-found free-time but also wanted 'to help children who were suffering during the lockdown'.

After taking up long-distance running, Liam raised £300 for the NSPCC.

Soon after, Liam's great-nan passed away due to Covid-19. The caring youngster decided he wanted to help others who were struggling during the pandemic.

Handwritten note

A heartwarming letter Liam wrote to his teacher before donating food to his school's vulnerable family fund. - Credit: Submitted

On the day of his great-nan's funeral, Liam donated food, along with a handwritten note, to a vulnerable family fund at his school out of his own pocket money 'because, for the children in lockdown, it is not fair on them to have no food'. 

He said: "I feel really good that I have done all these nice things for others and I am proud of myself."

Kimberley revealed her son also took up baking during lockdown, and has baked cakes for his teachers, Avon and Somerset police and NHS staff.

He said: "I wanted to make cupcakes for the NHS workers because they help everyone and I wanted to give them a treat.

"I baked for my teachers for being there for us during Covid and for the police as they help people and I want to be one when I am older."

Liam baking

Liam baked cakes for his teachers, the NHS and police because he wants to be a police officer when he grows up. - Credit: Submitted

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