Loved ones remembered on Portishead's Tree of Light

PORTISHEAD S Tree of Light is sparkling this year - in memory of loved ones at Christmas.

PORTISHEAD'S Tree of Light is sparkling this year - in memory of loved ones at Christmas.

People have been flocking to sponsor a light on the festive fir tree, situated on top of the Somerset Hall, in memory of someone special.

All the money raised will go to towards the costs of maintaining and improving Portishead's Christmas lights.

Portishead Christmas Lights Committee spokesman Barry Randall said: "We've had a brilliant response. It's lovely that people want to pay tribute to their loved ones. The money is going to a really good cause and I just hope everyone gets pleasure from the Christmas tree lights."

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Listed below are the names of those people who sponsored a light and the names of those they wish to remember.

Nominations: Jacqui Pearson and family: John Pearson. Heather Pickstock and family: Steve Foan, Bob Kitson and Ben Pickstock. Mrs EM Ward: Ted (husband). Sheila and Tab Talbot: Bessie and Albert Villis. Emma Heal: Jason Heal. Mr and Mrs C Baser: Kevin Baser. Carol Philpott: Michael Philpott. Joan Douglas: Bill Ambrose. Janet Griffiths: Helen Bingham. R H Barker: Shirley Barker. Mrs P Hallett: Frank N Hallett. Mrs P Palmer: Cyril Palmer. Mrs J Squires: Desmond Squires. Jean Hook: Granville Hook. Mary Chapman: Bryan Price. Cathy Brown and Simon and Victoria: Nick Brown. Paul, Nicola and Julie: Lynne Smith. Mrs A Wright: Dorothy Mapstone, Gilbert Mapstone. Lionel Vaughan: Barbara Vaughan. Rosemary Candow: Delphy Hall. The Weston Family: Paul Weston. Susan Colton: Donald Gardner. Janet Gardner: Donald Gardner. June Niel: Bob Niel. Joan Bye: Reg. Sheila Terry: Jack Bessant. Caryl Lindsay: Mike Lindsay. James and Pauline Williams: Our parents. Mary and Nigel: Bill. Grace Griffin: Old Pappy Geoff Hunt. Mrs DS Sampson: Thomas Sampson. Jackie, Matt, Tom and Andy Lonsdale: Bob Lonsdale. Mrs C Bryant: Alan Bryant. Mr and Mrs R Button: Claire Baker (nee Button). Parnaby family: Alan Parnaby. Joseph Borg: Joseph Borg. Nanette Prudhoe and family: Claude Prudhoe. Georgina Burge: Mary Lydon. Jillian Gray: Gerry Gray. Mrs Yvonne M Brinkman: Thomas C Brinkham. Margaret, Richard and Geoff: Alan Peters. Alison Giles: Alan Parnaby. Sean Whitwham: Alan Parnaby. Jean Hudd: My Jimmy. Mrs B Milton: Raymond Milton. Moose International Ladies Circle, Portishead: Gordon Bodey, Jean Curtis and Maurice Jordan. Chris and Katherine Houlden: Iain Wright. K & M Constance: Mildred Constance and Llewelyn Jones. All the family: Gordon and Brenda Green. Tricia Bere: Ethel Batt. Pamela Bessant and family: John Bessant. Moller family: Jean Moller. Roy Waite: Pat Waite. Betty, Sandra and Julie: Thomas Alexander Mullen. J Wyatt: Rod Millard. Mrs J Crees: Cecil Crees. Miss I Crees: Walther Eibisch. Ann and family: William Boyle. Greg Iles: Janet Hawkins. Evelyn Bailey: Jean Powell. Jean Rossiter: Gladys Cooper. Peter and Eileen Holder: Reg and Sylvia Wheeler. Patsy Wylie: Graham Wylie, Chris and Jim Wylie and Wyn and Fred Waldron. Andrew Holder: Paula Jane. Ena Hathway: Len Hathway. Joyce, Linda and Sandra: Roy Maggs. Mrs V Summers: Stan and Paul Summers. Jean and Tony Blaker: William and Elsie Blaker and Arthur and Edith Philpott. Mrs G Pinder and family: Bob. Pam, Gerry and family: Reg and Vera Calvey. Queenie and Mike Healy: John Healy. Charlotte Candow: Roger Farrell. Eileen Davies: Keith Davies. Mrs W Lafferty: George Lafferty. Mavis Downs: Brian Downs. Jim and Grace Lloyd: Julie Lloyd. Christine de-Laune and family: Sid de-Laune. Michelle Pike: John Robert Navarra. Hilda and family: Joe Linsdell. Barry and Linda Randall: Sandra Goodland, Marley Ivy Rose Randall, Violet Lettey and Ivy Laughton. Rachael Mann: Wynn Curtis. Marilyn and Elaine: Mike Jelley. Madeleine Taylor: Alan Parnaby. Eve Wylde: Bert Wylde. Mr and Mrs I Parnaby: Alan Parnaby, John Carey and Albert and Rose Cooper. Joan and family: Ray Herbert. Martin and Sue Osborne: Albert and Doris Hibbs and Leonard and Kathleen Osborne. Diana Harper: Margaret and Ted Silk and Amelia, Wilf and Don Harding. Sheila Beynon: Peter Hughes Beynon. Keith Bailey: Edith and Jim Bailey. Grace and Morgan: Chris Kokta. Hilda Maycock: Clifford Maycock. A Cannon: Cyril and Andrea. Lyn Palmer: Eunice Wood. Sabrina Webb: Vera Banks. Mrs McLean: Thomas McLean. Ronnie and John Cunningham: Nathan Wright. Kara Wright: Nathan Wright. Ruth and Craig: Nathan Wright. Mrs J Gollop: Marjorie Orme. Vera, Fran, Dave, Holly, Fern and Poppy: Ken Goble. Ron Knight: Eileen Knight. Luke and Heather Bonham: Guardsman Iain Wright. The four Hayman children: Ronald and Mary Hayman. Dee Hagerty and family: Dave Hagerty. Myrtle Jelley: Leslie Jelley. Bob and Wendy Hinton: Bert and Joyce Williamson. Richard, Hannah and Bailey: Samantha Harris. Mavis Jordan: Maurice Jordan. Mrs J Ww Citter: Julian Neville Pearce. Mrs T Gale: Eric and Muriel Hawkins. Dick Hawking: Mary Hawking. S B Mason: Pat Mason. Aaron Hancock: Anne Margaret Cruse. Mrs J Gostlin and family: Elizabeth Haskins. J Ryall: James Ryall. Mervyn Rollings: Vera Enid Rollings. Chris and Tony Rilett and family: Ron Wolf. Mrs I Wolf: Ron Wolf. Denny Pollock: John Pollock and Jan Moodie. Jean and Glyn Johns: Alison Johns. Gerald Barker: Eileen Barker. Gerald Barker: Tessy Barker. Alan Stonestreet: Brian Stonestreet. Sarah Tippins: Bryan Chichester. Mrs P Stonestreet: Peter Stonestreet. Mrs H Henley: Sidney Austin Henley. Ron Bosworth: Nancy Bosworth. Nancy Cooper: Roy Limbrick. Sue Whitfield: Helen Teresa Lewis and Timothy Michael Burke. Tony Rowe: Dot Rowe. Pat Gill: Doug and Eileen Williamson. Chris Gale: Tony Gale. Garth, Jackie and Valerie Watkins: Winifred Watkins. Margery Stevenson: Jock Stevenson, Francis Fortune and Tom Fortune. Mrs B Roper and Stuart Roper: Sally and Chris Roper. Dee Nicol and family: Campbell Nicol. Lin and Rog Lawrence: Mum and Dad. Stella, Lindsay, Sarah, Dave and Holly Porter: Jonathan and Norman Porter. Stella, David, Sarah and Lindsay Porter and family: Violet, Kitty, Gertie and all the Welsh family. Mr A Reddrop: Renee Reddrop. Margaret Reddrop: James Henry Ketteringham, Joseph McDermott and Gladys Ketteringham. Ray Neave: Cousin Phyllis Booth. The Liddeatt and Adams families: Margaret Liddeatt and Kit Jones. Sue and family: Michael Sharp. Maureen Shirley Graham and family: Ben and Edie Gale. Irene House: Frank House. Debroy and Pat Gregory: Frank and Nancy Gregory.

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