Lucky Josh

PUBLISHED: 17:00 13 September 2012

Sylvia Ifold and her dog Josh.

Sylvia Ifold and her dog Josh.


A FAMILY pet survived a brush with death after being bitten by a poisonous snake.

Josh was on one of his regular walks on Burrington Ham when he was confronted by the venomous adder.

At the time he was off his lead but his owner Sylvia Ifold noticed he had become lethargic. Although she had not seen the attack, she was concerned that Josh was not enjoying his walk.

Sylvia, of Churchill, checked him over and could not see anything wrong and headed home.

Once Josh was back at the car she noticed that his face was swelling up and she immediately took the Hungarian viszla to Green Pastures Veterinary Centre in Moor Lane, Weston.

Staff there said he had been bitten on the lip by an adder and became worried as the swelling began to spread from his face to this throat, restricting his airway.

Sylvia said: “I’ve been walking dogs for 30 years and this is the first time any of them have been bitten. It could have been fatal. We have no idea how much venom the snake released into Josh.”

Vets began treatment to stabilise Josh and started to ring round local vets and hospitals for anti-venom.

The only place it was available was at a centre in Langford, so that is where Josh ended up.

He then went back to Green Pastures for monitoring to make sure he did not go into anaphylactic shock.

Josh continued to be lethargic and had a low heart rate but the swelling around his throat and face started to reduce.

He was given medication to help increase his heart rate and, as the evening progressed, Josh’s condition improved.

The following day he was looking much better, so he was sent home.

Vets at Green Pastures gave him their pet of the month award for August, saying: “Josh was very brave and we’re sure he will be back to sniffing around in the undergrowth soon.”

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