People with lung cancer live longer in North Somerset, figures reveal

People with lung cancer have highest rate of survival in North Somerset.Picture: Getty Images

People with lung cancer have highest rate of survival in North Somerset.Picture: Getty Images - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

People in North Somerset diagnosed with lung cancer have a better survival rate than anywhere else in England.

The Office of National Statistics report people in the area have an almost three per cent higher chance of surviving the disease in the first year at 44.5 per cent - compared to 41.6 per cent nationally.

The 2016 figure is a vast improvement compared to the 2001 rate, where little more than 28 per cent of people lived beyond a year in the region.

Both sets of data include Bristol and South Gloucestershire, and the one-year survival rates vary in the UK, nearly reaching 31 per cent in Medway, Kent, to 53 per cent in Westminster.

GP and clinical lead for specialised care at Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Dr Alison Wint said: "We are delighted more people in North Somerset and across the CCG are surviving longer after receiving a diagnosis of lung cancer.

"For this cancer in particular, we have introduced a change which accelerates patients with suspected tumour findings on their chest X-Rays to receive an urgent CT scan.

"This has helped us to diagnose patients and start treatment quickly, and we achieved a 10 per cent increase this year in patients being treated within the target of 62 days from referral.

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"We have also been working with Cancer Research UK to improve the uptake of bowel cancer screening, which is offered to everyone from the age of 60.

"We would always encourage people being referred, tested or treated for cancer to attend appointments which are offered.

"Earlier detection will give treatments the best chance of improving people's health and saving lives."

Lung cancer is the UK's deadliest variety of cancer and has low survival rates compared to other forms of the disease.

In Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire, bowel cancer survival rates are more than 80 per cent, which rises to 96 per cent for breast cancer.

But NHS England has stated rates are now 'at an all-time high'.

A spokesperson said: "The long-term plan for the NHS will keep this momentum going, with investment in better and more accessible diagnosis checks to catch cancer sooner and save lives."