Marina idea stays afloat

LEADING councillors and officers from North Somerset Council have agreed to look into funding a marina in Weston

LEADING councillors and officers from North Somerset Council have agreed to look into funding a marina in Weston.Councillors are now investigating building a multi-million pound marina in Weston Bay following a meeting with seafront traders last week.Work is due to start between April and October on the flood defence scheme approved last month, but councillors have said even if a secondary splash wall is put up, it could be knocked down if a marina goes ahead.Councillor Mike Bell said: "There is a possibility of taking the marina development forward. There's a lot of work to be done looking into the feasibility of it. The council is under financial pressure all the time and it can't afford to throw money around willy-nilly so we've got to build a credible case, carry out feasibility studies and do some groundwork so we can take it forward. "If in time we build a marina or offshore breakwater, which would render the secondary splash wall redundant, it could come down. It's encouraging, it shows there's potential if we work together."Last month seafront traders announced they would fight the council's sea defence scheme by applying to North Somerset Council for planning permission to build a marina.They are now working with councillors and officers to submit a feasible application and investigate sources of funding.Seafront traders have been against the council's sea defence scheme from the start as they fear it will wipe out their businesses.But officers have been meeting with members of the business community to discuss the possibility of adding more crossings to the splash wall so tourists can access hotels and restaurants more easily.

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