Massage parlour - mums' outrage

OUTRAGED residents have condemned the opening of a massage parlour in the middle of a family neighbourhood - just yards from a primary school

OUTRAGED residents have condemned the opening of a massage parlour in the middle of a family neighbourhood - just yards from a primary school.Parents and grandparents say they are disgusted that Emmanuelles has opened for business in Baker Street, Weston.The massage parlour, which opened about two weeks ago, is less than a minute's walk from Christ Church Primary School. Alarmed householders say they fear customers may be buying sex at the parlour where men are seen going in and out all day. But Emmanuelles' co-owner Kaye Laker said no sexual services are sold there and said clients only receive a massage. Miss Laker refused to confirm that all employees are qualified masseuses but said 'they all know what they are doing'.She said: "From the outside, it looks like a nice shop, a flower shop, and cannot be misinterpreted."We are not causing any trouble to the neighbours and would like people to mind their own business."In a newspaper advertisement, the massage parlour says it offers a 'choice of ladies' as well as shower facilities. The advert also says customers can watch videos.Miss Laker said customers can watch videos such as Kevin and Perry Go Large and The Wedding Singer while they wait.The advert was placed in the paper's personal column next to one for Lady Sarah who 'commands slaves to attend her for discipline and punishment' in her 'luxury dungeon'.Green curtains cover the shop front window of the former pet grooming business and customers have to ring a bell at the side door to gain entrance.But officers from North Somerset Council may already be moving to crack down on the business because parlour bosses have flouted planning rules.Council chiefs confirmed no planning application has been received from the owners to change its use from a pet grooming business to a massage parlour.Its enforcement team will be writing to the owners who will be given the chance to apply for retrospective planning permission.Mother-of-one Avonia Knight, of Wooler Road, said she does not want her six-year-old son Thomas growing up near to a massage parlour. The 33-year-old sales adviser said: "It is absolutely disgusting. There is a primary school just one minute away with children as young as four years old."There are girls coming and going all the time. They look at you in a hostile way and it can be intimidating."I do not pay a mortgage to have a massage parlour at the end of my street."It is even open on a Sunday. People are loitering in the street."Nobody living here was asked before it opened and all the neighbours I have spoken to do not want this in our street."Retired nurse, Linda Williams, of Wooler Road, said: "I am in a state of shock. I was a nurse and spent my day seeing bodies so I am no prude - but this is awful. I have a four-year-old grandson who I look after regularly and I don't want him exposed to this."Ward councillor John Crockford-Hawley said: "These premises are a distasteful introduction to a pleasant residential neighbourhood and totally inappropriate given its proximity to a primary school.