Meet the mannequin in the telephone box

Mannequin in a Phonebox, Jayne Corrigan.

Mannequin in a Phonebox, Jayne Corrigan. - Credit: Archant

A MANNEQUIN dressed up in an assortment of costumes has made an unusual garden feature in Weston and caused a stir on social media.

Mannequin in a Phonebox, Jayne Corrigan and Martin Townley.

Mannequin in a Phonebox, Jayne Corrigan and Martin Townley. - Credit: Archant

His name is Cecil, and he was put into a telephone box in a front garden in Locking Road by Jayne Corrigan and her partner Martin Townley.

Jayne, who works as a magician, said: “I have always wanted a phone box because it’s a bit quirky.

“I had originally planned to put it into a magic trick, but it was complicated to get the electricity in.”

Instead, Cecil was moved into his new home, protected by CCTV, and dressed up in Batman and Buzz Lightyear costumes and has even worn a mankini.

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Jayne said: “When I first put him out, all sorts of people stopped and laughed and took pictures of him and people look at him from their cars when they’re in traffic.

“I hope he brightens people’s days.”

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Cecil now has his own dedicated Facebook page called Cecil The Dude In The Phonebox, which has attracted nearly 500 fans.

Jayne is accepting donations of costumes, and can be contacted via the Facebook page.

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