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PORTISHEAD'S Tree of Light is sparkling this year -in memory of loved ones at Christmas. People have been flocking to sponsor a light on the tree, situated on top of the Somerset Hall, in memory of someone special this Christmas. All money raised will go

PORTISHEAD'S Tree of Light is sparkling this year -in memory of loved ones at Christmas.People have been flocking to sponsor a light on the tree, situated on top of the Somerset Hall, in memory of someone special this Christmas.All money raised will go towards the costs of maintaining and improving Portishead's Christmas lights.Portishead Christmas Lights Committee spokesman Barry Randall said: "Again we are delighted with the response we have had to the tree of light campaign."It is a wonderful way of raising money and remembering people during the festive season."Listed below are the names of those people who sponsored a light and the names of those they wish to remember.NominationsBob and Wendy Hinton: Bert and Joyce Williamson. Hilda Linsdell and family: Joe Linsdell. Mrs W Lafferty: George Lafferty. Mrs Margaret Hartley: Eric Hartley, Tina Hartley. Mr and Mrs A Stitfall: Aunty Joy and Uncle Cyril Yeatman. Mrs P Ford: Colston Nisbet. Evelyn Ward: Ted Ward. Ena Hathway: Leonard Hathway. Heather and Steve Foan and family: Bob Kitson, Ben Pickstock. Brenda Simmons: Catherine English. Warren Glover: Kath Glover. Mrs P Palmer: Cyril Palmer. Mr S Mason: Pat Mason. Gareth, Jackie and Valerie Watkins: Winifred Watkins. Jacqui Pearson: John Pearson. Wally Derrick and family: Betty Derrick. Lyn, Martin, Oliver and Molly Hatfield: Roy Maggs. J Herbert and family: Ray Herbert. The Hayman children: Ronald and Mary Ellen Hayman. Evelyn Bailey: Jean Powell. Hilda Maycock: Clifford Maycock. Ann and family: William Boyle. Edith Philpott: Arthur Philpott and Michael Philpott. Jean and Tony Blaker: Arthur Philpott, Elsie and Bill Blaker. R Larkham: John George Larkham. Julie Ryall: James Ryall. The Weston family: Paul Weston. Eileen Davies: Keith Davies. Jean: Cynthia and Patricia. Mary Chapman: Bryan Price. Mrs MA Martin: Peter Martin. Stuart and Caroline Booth: Antony Beckett. Joan Douglas: Bill Ambrose. Paul Blackman: Kenneth Walter Blackman. Caryl Lindsay: Mike Lindsay. Alastair Cruse: Peter Cruse. Paul Smith and family: Lynne Smith. Mavis Downs: Brian Downs. Grace and Morgan: Chris Kokta. Keith Bailey: Edith and Jim Bailey. Rosemary Skyrme: Fred Stanton, Vera Stanton. Anne, Graham and Ellen: Mark Couzens. Jean Hudd: Husband Jim. Mervyn Rollings: Vera Enid Rollings. Eileen Holder: Jack and Edith Holder. Eileen Holder: Reg and Sylvia Wheeler. Andrew Holder: Paula Jane Holder. Kath Gardener: Ernie Gardener. Richard Hale: Sybil Hale. Penny Vince: John Vince. Richard Hale: Ernest Hale. Dwyer family: Beat Dwyer. Tessa and Jonathan Lewis: Kathleen Jones. Patsy Wylie: Graham Wylie. Patsy Wylie: Winifred Waldron. Mr and Mrs A Frost: Our loved ones no longer with us. Lionel Vaughan: Barbara Vaughan. Sheila Daws: John Daws. Roy Waite: Pat Waite. Valerie Summers: Paul Summers, Stan Summers. Mick and Margaret Robinson: Chris Thomas, Vi Critchley. Gerald Barker: Eileen Barker. Tess Barker: James Cuddy. Irene House: Frank House. Mavis Wren: Ted Wren. Mrs V Goble, Fran, Dave and girls: Kenneth Goble. Ann Horseman: Terry Horseman. Phyllis Stonestreet: Peter John Stonestreet. Myrtle Jelley: Leslie Jelley. Veronica and John Cunningham: Nathan Wright. Kara Wright: Nathan Wright. Ruth and Craig Hussy: Nathan Wright. Sonia and Netta: Mack Bowman. Jean Watkins and family: Michael Watkins. Ron and Christine Button: Claire Baker. Jim and Grace Lloyd: Daughter Julie. Christina De-Laune: Sid De-Laune. Mr and Mrs C E Baser: Kevin Baser. Dee Hagerty and family: Dave Hagerty. John Lilley: Shirley Lilley. Marilyn Weston: Mike Jelley. Dick Hawking: Mary Hawking. Robin Horseman: Terry Horseman. Christine Hale: Violet Walters. Sandra, Billy, Joe and Emily Knight: Roy Maggs. Joyce Maggs: Roy Maggs. Gordon Kelsey: Margaret Kelsey. Mary Parsons: Raymond Parsons. Darren, Lisa and Olivia Morgan: Ernest Morgan, Eileen Morgan. Mrs J W Citter: Julian Neville Pearce. Betty Duncan: Hilda Rudge, Alan Duncan. Annette, Paul, Jack and Jemma Hennessy: Peter Stonestreet. Paul and Annette Hennessy: Joe Hennessy. Jemma Hennessy: Holly Walker. Marjorie Cook: Stanley William Cook. Patricia Neville: Roger and mum and dad. Alan and Pat: John Reeves. Joyce Crees: Cecil Crees. Isabel Crees: Walter Eibisch. Elaine and Bob Weston and mum: Thomas Hughes. Marjorie Wilson: Bob Wilson, Tony Carey. Michael Horseman: Terry Horseman. Ronald Henry Powell: Mervin Henry Powell. Mary Powell and Ann Slade and family: Walter Francis Hooper. Carol Philpott: Michael Philpott. Adele Haysom: Jacqueline Huygens. Maureen, Shirley, Graham and family: Edie and Ben Gale. Jackie, Matt, Tom and Andy Lonsdale: Bob Lonsdale. Queenie Healy: Jack Healey. Mike and Gerry: Jack Healy. Gerry and Mike: Reg Calvey, Vera Calvey. Georgina Way: Len and May Way. Elsie Cook: Leonard Cook. Tim and Sue Liddeatt and family: Kit Jones. John Bailey: E Bailey. J Rossiter: Gladys Cooper. Linda Randall: Ivy Laughton, Pauline Lillington. Stuart Roper: Sally Roper. William and Betty Roper: Sally and Chris Roper. Louise Glen: John Glen. Geraldine Glen: John Glen. Joanne Gallagher: Arthur Poole. Sally, Paul, Anne and Ellie Targett: Terry Targett and Deana.

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