Weston primary installs defibrillator after parent's donation

Weston parent donates £800 for school's defibrillator

Mendip Green Primary was able to purchase a defibrillator after a generous donation was made by a parent. - Credit: Mendip Green

A Worle primary school has installed a defibrillator after a number of donations were made by nearby businesses and parents.

Mendip Green, in Greenwood Road, had previously been dependent on a defibrillator in Worle High Street before it reached its fundraising goal.

The decision to purchase the safety equipment was made after an incident six weeks ago which led to a member of staff having to run to Worle High Street, wasting valuable time.

Mendip Green Primary School installs life-saving equipment.

The school had previously depended on a defibrillator found in Worle High Street. - Credit: Mendip Green

Safeguard lead at Mendip Green, Lorraine Young, told the Mercury: "The need for a defibrillator on the school site had been discussed over the past couple of years but in the last six weeks particularly, staff have had the need to run to the closest one.

"However due to safeguarding and security, it is a time-consuming exercise having to unlock gates and as we know minutes cost lives.

"It was decided after trying to source funds to buy a defibrillator that we would have a non-school uniform day to raise the necessary funds. 

"We were blown away with the generosity of our parents, so many gave in large donations as they also saw the need for this vital piece of equipment."

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At first, Mendip Green was still shy of its target, until a parent decided to cover the remaining costs.

Weston businessman buys school defibrillator

Gary Curtis donated the last funds to enable the school to buy the kit. - Credit: Abbie Fisher

Mrs Young added: "Hearing that we were short of our target, one of our parents stepped up and made a large contribution enabling us to finally purchase the defibrillator.

"Of course, this is one piece of equipment that we hope will not be used very often but knowing it is on-site is a piece of mind for our whole school community."

Gary Curtis donated £800 to his child's school so that it could purchase the defibrillator.

He told the Mercury: "I was surprised when I found out that not all schools have this equipment already.

"Mendip Green has been a great school for both of my sons so I was happy to make the donation to give back to it."